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Learn How To Quickly & Easily Implement Magnetic Marketing In Your Business For Fast Growth!

  • Thursday, January 25-26th, 2024 @ 10AM EST

Is This Boot camp For Me And My Business…??

YES! This Magnetic Marketing FREE event is for you, if you are…

  • New To Magnetic Marketing and wondering how to get started QUICKLY. Wondering how to consume all the information you receive and have it sink in FAST, so you can implement it FAST, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS FAST.
  • A long-time member who needs a jump-start and a bolt of motivation. Going back to the basics to ensure that you haven’t stopped doing what might have been working.
  • Unsure of where to start implementing Magnetic Marketing in your business.
  • Feeling like a lost and lonely soldier doomed to do battle in the business jungle, alone, without the tools and strategies you need to make YOUR business the DOMINANT business in your community or business category.
  • Think your business is “different” (guess what, it’s not!) Magnetic Marketing works whether you’re a butcher, baker, or a candlestick maker. No matter what business you’re in, Magnetic Marketing WORKS.
  • You want 2024 to be the best year ever by learning strategies which are reliable, consistent, and predictable.

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then this member’s only FREE 2-Day ‘F.A.S.T Implementation’ Boot Camp is 100% for you!

Sign up today and we’ll show you advanced marketing strategies that you can implement F.A.S.T in your business to have rapid success in 2024!

If You Want To Quickly & Easily Implement Magnetic Marketing In Your Business For Fast Growth…

If You Want To Quickly & Easily Implement Magnetic Marketing In Your Business For Fast Growth…


From: Dan Kennedy
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Your Situation: You are in danger of implementing out-dated marketing strategies that only get mediocre results and will leave you in the dust.

Your Mission: Infiltrate a TOP SECRET 2-Day Magnetic Marketing Virtual F.A.S.T Implementation Boot Camp.

Your Target: Seize heavy business artillery FAST (a.k.a explosive business growth strategies).

Learn How To Quickly & Easily Implement


In Your Business For FAST Growth!

Dear Magnetic Marketing Member,

THIS IS FOR YOU whether you’re new to marketing your business – in which case you’ll leave with advanced marketing acumen — or if you’ve been a student of marketing for quite some time.

Either way, you’ll discover little hinges that swing BIG doors wide open in your business to let hidden profits pour in!

Here’s why you NEED this training…

​If you’re a student of mine, you’re rightly convinced that my unique and outrageous marketing strategies work, as is evident by the tens of thousands of Magnetic Marketing students worldwide employing these powerful strategies with tremendous success…

​As a Magnetic Marketing Member and entrepreneur, you’re still likely feeling a range of isolating emotions that leave you…

  • Wondering how you can consume all the information you receive as a member in a way that it will sink in FAST, so you can implement it FAST, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS FAST.
  • Unsure of where to start to implement Magnetic Marketing strategies in YOUR business.
  • Feeling like a lost and lonely soldier doomed to do battle in the business jungle, alone, without the tools and strategies you need to make YOUR business the DOMINANT business in your industry.

And worse...

you might still be thinking that your business is different. That’s the thinking of an AWOL business soldier.

At Magnetic Marketing we believe, and have proved over and over again, that all business including:

  • ​Small businesses
  • ​Businesses
  • ​Selling to businesses
  • ​Service businesses
  • ​Professional practitioners
  • ​Sales professionals
  • ​Authors & speakers
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Entrepreneurs of any kind

“The Boot Camp is a great way to get the practical knowledge and tools needed to implement the Magnetic Marketing philosophy! It is a good place to get the necessary resources to put these marketing strategies in place. I would recommend the Boot Camp to anyone that is on the fence.”

- Corbin Clow, Restorex

You are NOT in the business of doing taxes if you’re an accountant…

You are NOT in the business of dispensing legal advice if you’re a lawyer…

You are NOT in the business of selling ‘how to sell a Membership Site’ if you’re selling online…

You are NOT in the business of cutting meat, baking cakes, or making candles if you’re a butcher, baker, or a candle stick maker…

Your are NOT in the business of doing the thing that your business provides…

You Are In The Business Of MARKETING Your Business!

And that is why our sole mission is to provide you with proven and effective marketing advice, strategies, resources, and know-how so you can MARKET your business effectively (for MAXIMUM PROFIT & GROWTH) — because after all, that’s the business you’re in.

​This is about YOUR BUSINESS becoming the DOMINANT business in your community or business category, shutting out your competition and putting an iron cage around your customers. ​​

That's Why – Especially For Magnetic Marketing Members – We're Inviting You To Attend Our

That's Why – Especially For Magnetic Marketing Members – We're Inviting You To Attend Our



Designed to arm you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to quickly & easily IMPLEMENT Magnetic Marketing in your business for FAST growth

You’re going into battle and your mission, as stated in the beginning, is to SEIZE HEAVY BUSINESS ARTILLERY (a.k.a explosive business growth strategies).

Your Host During This 2-Day Boot Camp!


Chief Business Strategist @ Magnetic Marketing

Chief Business Strategist @ Magnetic Marketing

She’s been called many things — from the Queen of automation, to the one that makes things happen. I first met Darcy when she was the right hand to a true ‘Entrepreneur’ — someone who had ideas flying out of every direction but couldn’t seem to make them happen until Darcy entered the picture.

She has developed some of the most successful and profitable product launches for top marketers, she has done every part of the process from the copywriting to the media buys. There is no one who knows Magnetic Marketing inside and out like she does.

Darcy is currently the Chief Business Strategist @ Magnetic Marketing, she leads the Magnetic Marketing Insiders’ Circle coaching group as well as the co-facilitates the Renegade Millionaire Mastermind® group.

During this 2-Day Virtual Boot Camp, you’ll spend intense, focused time with highly decorated, 5-star general of Magnetic Marketing Darcy Juarez.

​​As important as her experience and knowledge is, it’s her ability to share this information with our next group of Magnetic Marketing champions makes her uniquely qualified for this job.​

​As the ancient proverb goes...

Better to spend one day with a master, than 10,000 years of study

(at this F.A.S.T Implementation Virtual Boot Camp, you'll get 2 days of Magnetic Marketing Experts!)

Here's What You Will Discover In The



From our 5 Star General of Magnetic Marketing style-marketing, determined to drill and mold you into a finely tuned, elite, special Forces Business Soldier prepared and armed to WIN ANY business battle with ease in 2024

  • ​How to create a Unique Selling Proposition for your business so yours is the clear choice of your customers or prospects.
  • The “8-Direct Response Triggers” that you must know in order to double or triple response in all of your marketing.
  • How to CHOOSE The Right Market for your business so you can focus with laser-like precision, cut your waste to zero, and get MAXIMUM results from all of your marketing.
  • Fundamentals of crafting a COMPELLING MESSAGE that will have your prospects whipping out their wallets to buy from YOU.
  • How to find the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in your own customers list (there’s a fortune to be made with just this bit of information alone)
  • The 3rd easiest customer to sell to (you can easily get them and probably didn’t even know it)
  • The 10 Money-Making Rule$ - You’ll learn to live by and LOVE! – as a Magnetic Marketing insider
  • The Secret Sauce”...Magnetic Marketing: How to transfer winning offline and online campaigns from one industry to another (this is where the big business breakthroughs occur – master this skill and watch your profits soar)!

“If you have even the slightest inkling about joining the Boot Camp, then waiting to join is only costing you money and impact. Within the first few minutes of the program, I learned that there are 2 things business owners should NEVER GIVE-UP: 1. The checkbook 2. Your marketing. What followed over the 1.5 days was nothing short of mind-blowing, energizing, profitable and actionable. I was able to create action plans and assets during the program and implement them immediately. I now have a system to control my checkbook and marketing. Join. Join. Join.

- Steven Lozada, Upward Mindset, LLC

ADVANCED BUSINESS WEAPONS training you'll encounter


Build Your Magnetic Marketing Vocabulary

You might have picked up on a few new words since becoming a Member, but this tactical lesson will inundate you with the language you need to know to understand and employ this special kind of marketing.

Words like “Swipe File” and “Mastermind” are far from just words… they’re part of a special language spoken by the elite special forces of Magnetic Marketing members worldwide.

It’s the language of business professionals armed with the weapons to win ANY business battle and you’ll learn it all at this 2-Day Virtual Boot Camp.


Build Your Magnetic Marketing Powerful Promotions

Magnetic Marketing members who have experienced tremendous growth by employing our strategies. You’ll see firsthand the powerful promotions that have added zeros to their bottom line including examples from small businesses, business selling to businesses (B2B), service businesses, professional practitioners, sales professionals, authors & speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs of any kind.

If you’re as serious about business growth as I think you are, you won’t hesitate to accept this mission. Register below immediately. Don’t miss your chance at a unique virtual training with a 5-Star “Magnetic Marketing” general.

Typically this is a $497 Virtual Boot Camp, but because you are a Magnetic Marketing Member...


NOTE: If you’re not a Magnetic Marketing Gold, Diamond, or coaching client, you can still join this Boot Camp by getting a FREE 30-Day trial of our NO B.S. Newsletter. You can register below using the “Register For Free Now” button, which will redirect you to our page to claim your access.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income & Grow Your Business FAST,

P.S. Again, it’s “better to spend a day with the master than 10,000 years of study.” Just imagine what 2-Day with a 5-Star General of “Magnetic-Marketing-Style-Marketing” will do for your business.

Your opportunity to get 2-days of pure study with Darcy dwindles as the clock ticks because seating is LIMITED for this mission.

What Folks Are Saying About Our

2-Day Virtual Boot Camp

Close The Gap Between Your Businesses’ Current States And It’s Optimal State

“If you haven't been through the Boot Camp, your business and life have a lot of room for improvement. Attend the Boot Camp to close the gap between your business's current state and its optimal state. Your current and prospective clients/customers will be very happy you did and will reward you for it.”

- Jarret dePaula

Get The Best Return On Your Marketing Dollars

“The Fast Implementation Boot Camp provides a complete overview of everything that you should be doing to get the best return on your marketing dollars, while also raising your customer satisfaction. If you aren't already implementing these strategies that have been developed and tested over decades in multiple industries, then you need to be a part of this Boot Camp. It's by far the best content available.”

- Shane Brisson

Information That Will Catapult My Business To The Next Level

“Within the first hour, I could tell that I was getting great information that truly would help catapult my business to the next level! Darcy is a wealth of knowledge and I am so excited about what I've learned and taken the next steps with MM! Thanks, Darcy! I really appreciate your time, energy, and presentation style!”

- Marcy Cascio-Hale, Self-Care Sisters, LLC

Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The

2-Day Magnetic Marketing Virtual Implementation Boot Camp

  • FREE! 2-days of learning how to inject Magnetic Marketing strategies into your business FAST (so you can get results FAST!) ($1,997 Value)
  • FREE BONUS: Every attendee will receive a FREE Fast Implementation Workbook. You’ll use this as your battle planning guide throughout the Boot Camp. It’s pages of precise, step-by-step instructions and examples that you can plug right into your business IMMEDIATELY to get you up and running (and PROFITING) from our kind of marketing in a hurry ($197 Value)
  • FREE BONUS: 13 Dirty Little Secrets About Successful Marketing Your Competitors Are Using To Print Money Every Single Day ($97 Value)
  • FREE BONUS: 47 Top Strategies used by Magnetic Marketing Members. A compilation of some of the most potent strategies for getting more customers, clients, and patients to your business faster than ever before. Strategies quelled from members who were asked which strategies led to huge profit windfalls in their business ($97 Value)

Normally: $2,388

Today's Price: 100% FREE!


2-Day Virtual Event: F.A.S.T Implementation Boot Camp


Thursday, January 25-26th
​10:00 AM EST


So you can quickly & easily implement Magnetic Marketing in your business for growth!

Now's Your Chance To Have The Best 2024 Ever...

JOIN THE 2-DAY 'F.A.S.T Implementation virtual boot camp' today!

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